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Created: 2009-05-19 10:21
Institution: Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Description: The Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership seeks to help present and future leaders deepen their understanding of the social, environmental and economic context in which they operate, and respond in ways that benefit their organisations and society as a whole.

We offer senior leaders:

* A portfolio of world-renowned sustainability leadership programmes;
* Innovative dialogues with other sustainability leaders;
* An active and influential alumni network, involving access to thought-leadership and ground-breaking research.

Our programmes, dialogues and research are focused in five main themes under the banner of sustainability. These cover some of the most significant challenges facing organisations today, as well as the responses of business, government and society:

* Climate, natural resources and biodiversity;
* Poverty and development;
* Ethics, governance and partnerships;
* Sustainable consumption and production;
* Financing sustainability.

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Media items

Signposts to Sustainability: Stiglitz, Monbiot, Lovins, Yunus, Sachs


Perspectives on sustainability leadership from interviews with Joseph Stiglitz, George Monbiot, L. Hunter Lovins, Mohammad Yunus and Jeffrey Sachs

Collection: Programme for Sustainability Leadership

Institution: Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Created: Wed 10 Jun 2009