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  • PEO solidification

    Solidification of PEO between crossed polars using a heated stage.

    Created: Thu 25 Feb 2021

  • PEO Melting

    Part II Practical on polymer crystallisation, PEO samples solidified at different temepratures are melted under a microscope.

    Created: Tue 9 Feb 2021

Moral Sciences Club

  • Against Empiricism

    A talk given by Alexander Bird (St John's College, Cambridge) at the Moral Sciences Club on 23rd February 2021.

    Created: Wed 24 Feb 2021

  • Hypocrisy and Blame

    A talk given by Justin Snedegar (St Andrews) at the Moral Sciences Club on 9th February 2021.

    Created: Tue 16 Feb 2021

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