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Brian Josephson's lecture collection

  • Towards a new scientific paradigm

    Present-day physics is running into obstacles of various kinds. It is argued that the cause of the problems is the fact that physics lacks tools appropriate to gaining a clear...

    Created: Fri 15 Nov 2019

  • Science moving on

    This lecture argues that present-day physics is limited through its faiiure to take account of the role played by the complicated organisation characteristic of life (transcript...

    Created: Thu 13 Jun 2019

LCIL International Law Seminar Series

CIPIL Intellectual Property Seminar Series

Cambridge Law: Public Lectures from the Faculty of Law

The Hinsley Memorial Lecture

Cambridge Immunology Network website

Inaugural Lectures

Geometry, compatibility and structure preservation in computational differential equations

Complex analysis: techniques, applications and computations

Moral Sciences Club

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