Artificial Intelligence Developments in Healthcare Imaging

Created: 2019-10-23 09:50
Institution: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Description: Background

The EPSRC Centre for Mathematical Imaging in Healthcare (CMIH) will hold an engagement event in October 2019. This will aim to showcase the research that is being carried out at the Centre and will present an opportunity to hear in detail about some of the current project collaborations, other industry challenges and explore new potential collaborations.

This event follows previous industry and academic engagement events delivered over the past three years.

CMIH is based at the University of Cambridge and aims to achieve synergies between applied mathematics and statistics through the focus on the acquisition and analysis of clinical imaging data, particularly arising from neurological, cardiovascular and oncology imaging. It is a true collaboration between mathematics, engineering, physics and biomedical scientists and clinicians.
Aims and Objectives

CMIH enables mathematicians and statisticians to work closely with relevant stakeholders involved in the areas of clinical imaging from healthcare planning, clinical provision, policy making and industrial research across the UK. A key aim of this partnership is the delivery of high quality, multidisciplinary research that will help overcome some of the big challenges facing the NHS.

This user engagement event will focus on artificial intelligence and will provide an update on some of the research projects and collaborations taking place in the CMIH. It will feature presentations from CMIH researchers and Industry Partners, as well as other academics and end users in the public sector and industry. A number of industry challenges and collaborations will be highlighted in an elevator pitch session.

The event will be of interest to researchers working in the field of acquisition and analysis of clinical imaging and also to healthcare planners, clinicians, policy makers and industry partners to discuss the research projects and challenges arising from the area. It presents the opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking between senior scientists from areas such as mathematics, statistics, engineering, physics and biomedicine and relevant individuals from industry and government.

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Welcome and Introduction


Schönlieb, C
Wednesday 23rd October 2019 - 11:00 to 11:15

Collection: Artificial Intelligence Developments in Healthcare Imaging

Institution: Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

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