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Created: 2016-03-22 10:49
Institution: Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Description: The mission of the Cambridge Cancer Centre is to reduce the morbidity and mortality of patients with cancer through research, treatment and education.

More than 500 laboratory researchers and physicians are pursuing this mission and are united through a 12 programme structure that brings together investigators working on: aerodigestive, breast, haematological, brain, ovarian, paediatric, pancreatic and urological cancers.

An additional four programmes focus on: cancer imaging, to promote our world-leading expertise in laboratory and clinical imaging research; cell and molecular biology, to engage our colleagues working in all aspects of biology relevant to cancer; early detection to support this special area of research emphasis in our CRUK Major Centre; and onco-innovation to provide a collaboration point for our colleagues in the pharmaceutica

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Cancer Research and Treatment Centre


Professor Richard Gilbertson discusses the vision for a new Cancer Research and Treatment Centre that brings together scientists and clinicians to focus on the early detection and...

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Institution: Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

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