Population Health Sciences Measurement Toolkit

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Created: 2014-11-17 17:23
Institution: MRC Epidemiology Unit
Description: This collection contains a range of videos providing guidance and instruction for scientists and researchers wishing to measure common lifestyle factors, including:

1) Dietary Intake
2) Physical Activity
3) Body composition and other anthropometry
4) Tobacco use and smoking
5) Alcohol Consumption

These exposures are key determinants of disease conditions with a high public health burden, so promoting the use of the best measurement methods that maximise precision and accuracy will help to generate higher quality and more informative research.

Please note that the methods described in these videos are referred to solely in the context of population health. While some may be suitable for clinical use, this is beyond the scope of the Toolkit.

If you would like to explore the Toolkit in more detail, please visit us at: http:///www.measurement-toolkit.mrc.ac.uk

Key words: measurement; assessment; population health; dietary intake; nutrient intake; physical activity; accelerometry; questionnaires; 24-hour dietary recall interview; alcohol intake; smoking and tobacco use.

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Population Health Sciences Measurement Toolkit


A web-based toolkit is being developed to provide practical, online methodological guidance for population health researchers, enabling them to easily incorporate robust methods...

Collection: Population Health Sciences Measurement Toolkit

Institution: MRC Epidemiology Unit

Created: Mon 2 Mar 2015