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Created: 2013-01-04 23:18
Institution: Department of Engineering
Description: Talk-through's of papers from Matthew Juniper's group at the University of Cambridge. Subjects include hydrodynamic stability, thermoacoustic stability, combustion instability, nonlinear behaviour of thermoacoustic systems, non-normality in thermoacoustics, transient growth, adjoint sensitivity analysis, direct and adjoint global modes, swirling flows, local stability analysis, and weakly nonlinear analysis.

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Triggering in the horizontal Rijke tube: non-normality, transient growth and bypass transition


When placed in a combustion chamber, a flame can generate a great deal of noise. Often the noise develops spontaneously but sometimes it starts abruptly when the system is...

Collection: Matthew Juniper journal papers

Institution: Department of Engineering

Created: Fri 4 Jan 2013