GreenBRIDGE Post Durban Panel Discussion 24th February 2012

GreenBRIDGE Post Durban Panel Discussion 24th February 2012's image
Created: 2012-04-17 17:46
Institution: Department of Architecture
Description: This panel discussion was jointly organised by GreenBRIDGE, the Cambridge Zero Carbon Society and Murray Edwards College. It brought together Cambridge expertise on international climate change negotiations, fresh from Durban. The speakers provides an update on the landscape of climate change policy, and spoke about their individual purposes and achievements of attending COP 17.

The speakers were: Prof. Doug Crawford-Brown (Director, 4CMR Cambridge University), Jazmin Burgess (Climate Change Policy and Research Officer, UNICEF), Dr Alison Cooke (EEBE Programme Manager, Centre for Sustainable Development), Francesca Raphaely (CPSL, Cambridge University)

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