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Created: 2012-03-23 11:54
Institution: Department of Pharmacology
Description: Cambridge Neuroscience is an overarching, cross-School initiative concerned with research into the central nervous system. Our community includes 680 members, of which 284 are Principal Investigators. Membership spans all six Schools of the University and over 65 Departments and Institutes. The major goal of Cambridge Neuroscience is to promote Cambridge as a leading international centre for neuroscience research; to advance our fundamental understanding of brain function; and to improve the lives of patients with brain disorders through the application and translation of knowledge to enhance health and quality of life. For more information and for details of joining the email list and Cambridge Neuroscience community, please see

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Cambridge Neuroscience Public Lecture in association with the BNA with Professor Russell Foster: 'Light, Clocks and...


Cambridge Neuroscience in association with the British Neuroscience Association was delighted to welcome Professor Russell Foster from the University of Oxford to deliver the...

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Institution: Department of Pharmacology

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