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Department of Engineering Open Day Talks 2016

ELECTION - The Cambridge Politics Podcast

  • S02-EP15 It's Brexit! One week on.

    On the morning Gove joins the race (and just before Boris drops out) we try to catch up with the news. The panel discusses the civil war in the Labour party, the Theresa May...

    Created: Fri 1 Jul 2016

  • The UK decides: it's Brexit!

    The panel reassembles on the morning after the night before to start sifting through the implications of this momentous decision: What does it mean for Labour? For UKIP? For...

    Created: Sat 25 Jun 2016

Institute of Criminology

Lectures and other materials

Choral Evensong - 26 June 2016

Stochastic Dynamical Systems in Biology: Numerical Methods and Applications

Sung Eucharist - 22 May 2016

Sung Eucharist - 5 June 2016

Sachiko Kusukawa's Inaugural Lecture

  • Sachiko Kusukawa's Inaugural Lecture

    Professor Sachiko Kusukawa gave her Inaugural Lecture, 'Worth a thousand words? Early modern scientific images', on 24 June 2016. The lecture was introduced by Professor Liba Taub.

    Created: Mon 27 Jun 2016

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