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Created: 2010-08-12 10:07
Institution: Faculty of Education
Description: The Politics, Development and Democratic Education thematic route covers key contemporary educational debates amongst policy- makers, practitioners and researchers in the UK and internationally. It demonstrates the relevance of educational theory, particularly within the social sciences (economics, politics, sociology) and the humanities (philosophy and history) to educational policy concerns and practices. Such theory contextualises and assesses central and local policy and school practices in relation to such fundamental concepts as equality, democracy and justice. The route covers topics such as class, gender, multicultralism, citizenship and social change in terms of contemporary concerns with globalisation, modernity and development. Those tutors on the taught elements of the route have international reputations in their various fields and it is the key route in the Education, Equality and Development academic group in the Faculty.

The route encourages participants to engage critically with educational policy, practice and provision in global, national, institutional and temporal contexts, and to move between the macro, structural levels of historical change and development to psycho-social processes. It offers opportunities to consider a wide range of ameliorative and democratic educational reforms in the context of nations that are income-rich and/or in developing economies

Students are encouraged to critically investigate specific models and applications of democratic schooling and their relationships to concepts of power, participation and social inequality, together with the relevance of such models for development contexts, European education and citizenship education.

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Our Students About The Course - Hideaki Yanashima


Hideaki talks about his learning and other experiences of MPhil PDDE course.

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